Essential Boiler Maintenance to Ensure Optimum Performance

Essential Boiler Maintenance

The boiler in your central heating system is a core component, and one that needs regular servicing if it is to maintain optimum performance. All new boilers installed in homes must be of the condensing variety, which uses a heat exchanger, and if you are new to home ownership, here is a guide on essential boiler maintenance. If you notice any irregularities with your boiler, your best bet may be to bring in a professional to give you peace of mind. Professionals of this kind can be found online at sites similar to WWW.PAULTHEPLUMBERNH.COM/HEATING/REPLACEMENT/, so that may be worth checking out if you’re concerned about your boiler’s performance.

  • Annual Boiler Service – The best time to have your boiler serviced is in the months of September or October, prior to the cold weather arriving. Sourcing boiler service in Oldham, or anywhere else for that matter, is made easy with a Google search, and the heating engineer would make an appointment to service the boiler. If the boiler has not long been installed, then the supplier would be the ideal person to contact regarding maintenance, as they would know exactly what is required.

Annual Boiler Service

  • Combi Boiler Maintenance – The combi boiler is very popular, as it does not require the installation of a water tank, and a service would involve a close inspection of the heat exchange unit, which is a core component. The engineer would also be looking for leaks, or any sign of corrosion, and would likely request that you turn on the heating 30 minutes before he arrives, which allows him to see the system while running. The heat exchange unit would be tested to ensure it is working correctly, and if your old boiler has seen better days, replacing it with a combi boiler is an attractive investment that you won’t regret.
  • Conventional Boiler – The traditional type of boiler that has both a water tank and a hot water cylinder needs to be inspected for several things. The burner is inspected to see if the burn is lean, which shows a blue flame, and the engineer would walk around the home, feeling the radiators, checking they are all working correctly. Old central heating systems can suffer from a build-up of sludge, which might need a power flush, while the flue is also inspected for wear and tear and should be free of obstructions. If you’re interested in learning more about this consider gaining insight from Hvc contractors Franklin lakes nj or someone similar.
  • Thermostat – A critical component, the thermostat controls when the boiler is fired, and should it be inaccurate, this could result in using too much fuel. A faulty thermostat would normally be replaced, and the heating engineer would point this out to the customer and make suitable recommendations.


  • Gas Leaks – If you live in the UK, you are probably already aware that the majority of central heating systems run on natural gas. With a “gas safe” engineer, you can rest assured that the system is not leaking. With an annual service, you are reducing the risk of a heating malfunction, which would be catastrophic in the winter, which is why homeowners have the unit serviced at least one time per year.

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Whatever type of boiler your system uses, regular maintenance will ensure that the system is safe and is working at optimum levels, and a Google search will help you locate a nearby heating specialist. Remember that, just as you prepare for the temperatures of Winter, you should also think about how you’re going to control the temperature of your home during the height of Summer. When the heat hits your home, you’ll wish that you had a portable AC to cool everything right down; check out reviews over at Coolest Gadgets.