False Truth About Influencer Marketing That You Must Know


Many of you are already familiar with influencer marketing, and interestingly, it doesn’t need any introduction in today’s booming digital market. However, with the growing demand for influencer marketing, many false truths are spread across the internet, restricting businesses from considering it for their brand promotion.

Every year comes with new challenges for the digital marketing world. Similarly, 2022 has something new for influencer marketing. Before you finalize your marketing budget, it’s essential to know what 2022 holds for influencer marketing.

Now, let’s talk about some common myths associated with influencer marketing that you must know before allocating a marketing budget for influencer marketing. 

Myth 1: It’s all about online content: Most businesses rely on influencers and think it is all about creating content online and sharing its experience with their connections and followers. However, offline marketing is still a solid option to influence customers. Many personalities attend seminars, events, etc. They promote products and share their experience with the live audience. World-of-mouth marketing is highly effective and gives significant results.


Myth 2: Influencers Only Live on Social Platforms: Today, people only think that influencers online exist on social platforms. Social media plays a significant role in brand marketing, and it serves your marketing objective to a greater extent. Yes, the count of influencers is high on social platforms. However, influencers are not only limited to social media. Numerous bloggers with broad audiences are also influencers who offer quality knowledge to readers across the globe. 

Myth 3: Bigger Audience Means Better ROI: This is absolutely wrong to say that a bigger audience will always give you expected results. The audience count significantly impacts the results, but it entirely depends upon how your content engages the viewers. Moreover, many influencers have bot followers that restrict you from getting expected results for branding and sales.

Myths 4: All Influencers are Paid: It’s totally wrong to say that all influencers are paid. However, not all influencers are paid. It means not all influencers charge you a significant sum in return of sales or branding. Micro or nano influencers prefer collaborating with the brands without putting any charges. The motive behind the free collaboration is to expand their user base.

Myth 5: All Social Platforms Provide Equivalent Results: It’s false to say that all social media channels are great to serve your marketing purpose. Instead, the motive/objective of your marketing requires different channels. E.g., for branding, Instagram is the best channel to collaborate with influencer marketing. Moreover, for sales and online reputation management, YouTube is the right selection.


So, your marketing objective is to decide which marketing platform best works for you and how much you can expect from them.

If you are all set to start your influencer marketing journey, it’s always crucial to find a legit and quality influencer from the tank of influencers. 

Diana Zeineddine is a renowned influencer who is an actress, content creator, dancer, and influencer. She has expertise in multiple zones that can help you grab a massive audience for your brand.