How Does Pepper Spray Work As a Personal Security Device?

Personal Security Device

Self Defense, whether it be a female, a child, or an elderly, is of utmost importance. But when we talk about defending one from any harm, people usually think of having to take strenuous training sessions or having to memorize and learn all the move sets of a karate class, or perhaps getting a gun and permits to carry it (like those seen here:, which while both are viable they may not be an option for everyone. So, here comes pepper spray, a handheld self-defense tool that is very powerful and at the same time doesn’t cause any permanent damage if used correctly.

Whether you are thinking about spending a night in a town, going from work to home, or even going out camping in the wilderness, pepper spray is among one of the best self-defense tools out there. But before you go out with that spray, it is better to perform a Pfefferspray test.

Mechanism of Pepper Spray

Mechanism of Pepper Spray

Engineered by Kamran Loghman in the 1980’s, pepper spray is a formulated lachrymatory agent that causes a burning sensation to the eye, causing the victim to close their eyes in pain and can even cause temporary blindness. This leaves the victim in agony and gives a chance for you to flee or call for help.

The main ingredient that causes such uncomfortable sensation is the fruits of capsicum plants or, in simple words, chilies. It also contains various modifications that transforms it into a pressurized aerosol spray that causes chili sensation when
sprayed at one’s face and eyes.

What does it do when sprayed?

It has a number of effects. On the eyes, it causes an extreme burning sensation, which can last up to a day. Not only that, it also causes temporary blindness that can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes but, it all depends on the strength of the spray.

Other effects include difficulty in breathing, runny nose, uncontrolled coughing, burning sensation on the exposed skin, and upper body spasms forcing the individual to bend. All of these effects leave the victim extremely debilitated and in pain and agony. After this, they can be apprehended or run away from easily.

When to Use it?

It is generally used by the police to apprehend criminals, for riot control or crowd control without causing any significant disability to the victims. It is also used by people traveling in the wild because it provides an excellent defense against wild animals, especially bears. But the most important function it has is that it can be used in self-defense almost by anyone.

Countless Benefits of Pepper spray:

Countless Benefits of Pepper spray

Here are few of the many benefits pepper spray has to offer as an item of self-defense:

  1. Easy to Carry: The real value of its success lies in its size. It is small and versatile, can easily be stored in any small purse or pouch by women or even in one’s pocket. They also come in various disguises like lipstick, rings to keep the attacker guessing. So no need to have the significant cases or heavy carrying pouches. It can be used by young teenagers when threatened or when being harassed or by older adults as a means of escaping or calling for help.
  2. Easy to deploy: It is easy to use as opposed to many technically challenging weapons and can be learned to be operated by any level of intellect, therefore, keeping it simple yet effective. It is generally advised to use them at least once or twice for the first time on any blank target to get to understand the mechanics of its working.
  3. Non- lethal: Pepper has been ranked for not causing any permanent damage to the attacker’s eyes, skin or lungs and causing only momentary but extreme discomfort. Therefore it is safe to use without worrying about causing any permanent or lethal damage to the victim.
  4. A Long Ranged Weapon: Many people think that pepper spray is a short-ranged weapon, and they need to be close enough to the attacker to make the spray work. That’s not the case, as these aerosols have pressurized liquid suspended in them, which, when triggered, can fire up to 20 feet away. So you can use it on multiple targets which may be away from you.
  5. Inexpensive: Pepper sprays are generally cheap, and you can get a decent spray for well under $10. It is quite a bargain when it comes to one’s safety, as nothing is more important than that.
  6. Easily Accessible: Unlike guns and other heavy ammunition that can only be purchased by going to an arms dealer and going through many legal files and documents, pepper spray is very easy to buy. It can be purchased from a popular supermarket or can even be bought online. Just be careful before purchasing a spray and try to read reviews about the company’s validity and the effectiveness of its products.
  7. Legal in Most States: It is legal in most states, but still, do read your state’s laws and regulations to understand the rules your country or state has when it comes to carrying pepper spray around.
  8. More Self- Confidence: With an item like pepper spray, capable of making your attacker shout and make him kneel on the ground, you will feel much more confident while coming back from work or college to home from a deserted street. Or while passing through a lonely aisle late in the night, which once you feared to pass through. Now you will have more self-confidence and more courage to go out alone and not worry about people trying to threaten or harass you.

In Conclusion

Pepper spray is the best handheld non-lethal device when it comes to owning a piece of personal protective equipment. With all the benefits mentioned above, one is sure to be totally relaxed. Whether it be an old-timer or a young person, self-defense is of utmost importance and should be taken seriously by everyone. It is better to be prepared now and be ready to fight rather than regretting later onwards.So get yourself armed with a pepper spray today!