Types of Gates Available in New Zealand and How to Choose the Right One for Your Property

Types of Gates 1

Automatic security gates nz are becoming important for both homes and businesses because they help keep crime from happening. These automatic gates can be put at any possible entrance to a home or business to make it hard for an intruder to get inside.

Automatic, access-controlled security gates can also help you save money on other types of property security measures. You won’t have to spend as much money on things like mobile patrols or alarm systems with more features. Not only does it help keep people safe, but the different styles and materials of security gates on the market mean that you wouldn’t have to give up on looks either.

Make Security Gates Safer

An automatic barrier gate uses a bar to stop people, cars, and motorcycles from getting through. This is a good way to control who can get into a building. Most barriers have a tip that lifts up to let people enter or leave. People often use automatic barrier gates in parking lots, office buildings, and airports.

These gates work well to control vehicle traffic because they can open and close quickly, taking only a few seconds to do either. Also, the barrier arms are a reliable and low-maintenance way to control access to commercial buildings.

Types of Gates 2

Gates that swing on their own

Automatic swing gates are great for people who want something that will last, move quickly, and look nice. They can be made quickly, fit well, and look great.

The security gate swings inwards and stays open for a few minutes to let people or vehicles in. In the same way, the operating system closes the gate by having it swing back to where it was before. The arm that opens the gate is hooked up to the operator, which makes it swing in the right direction.

Automatic swing gates are also great for making sure that people with disabilities can get through.

Gates that move on their own

Slide gate operators, which are automatic slide gates that move on their own, are common in New Zealand. People use them for both their homes and their businesses. They are a great option for driveways and properties with limited space. When your property has a steep slope that makes swing gates hard to use, sliding gates are a good choice.

Automatic sliding gates are kept straight by gate roller guides. In the closed position, the system is kept stable by V-groove wheels on the track and a mooring point. In NZ, there are usually two different ways to install a sliding gate.

Security Gates and Turnstiles

Turnstile gates are used to protect points of entry and exit. They can be one-way or two-way. It’s an automatic gate with a barrier that swings open on a hinge.

It is a system that is meant to let only one person in at a time. It is an automatic gate system that lets people in if they have the right pass, coin, ticket, or other form of identification.