20 Stunning Industrial Basement Design

1-Industrial Basement Design

Home sweet home!! Basements form the base of a house. Many homeowners simply use their basements for storage, throwing everything from old paint to old pieces of furniture in there. Of course, it can be a very useful storage space, helping to keep the house above tidy and clear of mess. Storage cages from Storemasta can help with this, providing a safe place to store items like paint which can be highly flammable. If your house is big enough, however, you may also wish to transform some or all of your basement into a beautiful living space.

Converting a basement area can make it more useful and add value to your house as a whole, so it can be a very worthwhile project. It’s also a much cheaper option than converting a loft, whilst it can also be cheaper than building an extension. Just remember to consider the position of utilities, as you don’t want to find halfway through your project that it’s going to cost hundreds to install wiring and plumbing if it isn’t already installed.

A basement area can be one’s own private space for reading books, for self work, library, a fun place to play games like pool table, a private bar or a private lounge. Many are now turning their basements into home cinemas as it provides the perfect dark space for watching films as a family or with friends. Some are even turning them into home spas, complete with showers and hot tubs.

There are many ways you can make the best use of our basement area. If you have a growing family it can be the perfect place to add an extra bedroom, or maybe you could turn it into a playroom so that upstairs doesn’t get trashed by the kids! Go through our beautiful gallery and get inspired by some amazing ideas to decorate your basement area with:

20 Stunning Industrial Basement Design