3 Planning Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling Your Kitchen 2

Whilst there are many mistakes that homeowners do when remolding their kitchen spaces, three stand out as very costly. We’ll explore them and provide insights to help you avoid them.

Anyone planning a kitchen remodeling should have a detailed plan that captures every aspect of the remodeling. 

However, the following three mistakes often appear in kitchen remodeling plans, leading to the overall failure of the remodeling project.  

  1. Ignoring a contractor
  2. Ignoring lighting 
  3. Forcing an island 

Remodeling Your Kitchen 1

  1. Ignoring a contractor  

A contractor plays a central role in the success of any kitchen remodeling project. Even when you have already settled on your white shaker kitchen cabinets, you need a contractor to help you oversee the success of a remodeling project. 

Some of the failures that will befall you for not involving a contractor include: 

  • Lack of precision in the remodeling project 
  • Delayed project time 
  • Overall reduction of quality of work done

Picking a contractor can also be hectic, thus, you start looking for one as soon as you decide you will remodel your kitchen space. 

  1. Ignoring lighting 

Cabinetry is always at the center of many kitchen remodeling projects. It is perfect to install white shaker kitchen cabinets as your main highlights for the remodeling project. 

However, never forget to factor in lighting when planning for your remodeling project. The overall aesthetic and function of the kitchen space depend on lighting. 


Adapt the right lighting depending on your kitchen space. If you have dark cabinetry, you will need more light fixtures to illuminate the kitchen space. However, installing lighter cabinetry colors like white shaker kitchen cabinets can help you reduce the amount of light that you need to add. 

Remodeling Your Kitchen 2

  1. Forcing an island 

It is true, a kitchen island plays an important function in a modern kitchen space. It adds beauty and increases the functionality of the kitchen. 

But what kind of kitchen island can you install in your kitchen space? This is where a majority of homeowners get it wrong; they pick kitchen islands without considering the space requirements of the kitchen. 


If you have to add a kitchen island, ensure that its size is compatible with the overall space of the kitchen. Similarly, the colors should blend with other kitchen colors. For example, if you have installed white shaker kitchen cabinets, your kitchen island should have a touch of white to complement the cabinetry.