6 Bathroom Accessories for a Minimalist Bathroom

Bathroom Accessories

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, minimalism means “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity” so from there, a minimalist homeowner can have an easy guide to choose furniture, appliances, and accessories for his home. But today’s specific house area that we will talk about is the bathroom.

It is challenging to maintain a clean bathroom, especially since it is also the busiest and most common part of the house. Since this is the busiest portion of the house, all of the equipment, including faucets and pipes, must be in functioning order. If not, you may need to contact plumbing professionals like Flow Pros Plumbing to ensure that the toilet is always clean and in good working condition. Fortunately, minimalist accessories can make the bathroom’s maintenance and cleanliness easier. In fact, it allows the person to clean and keep it organized with the right choice of accessories every after use. As a guide, here are the suggested accessories that can be put up into a minimalist bathroom:

Wall-mounted toilet brush

It is refreshing to see a space saver accessory that also supports your minimalist theme. A wall-mounted toilet brush is one of the best examples. It is easier to brush the floor without removing the accessory from its place.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves allow you to maximize the space and store your daily toiletries with a minimalist look. However, a homeowner should wisely choose its color and area to install them. Also, you can fit a washbasin in a large countertop (Granite Countertops, for instance) in front of a mirror to give your bathroom an elegant appearance.

Simple toilet paper holder

A slightly bulky toilet paper holder is a common view in any bathroom. But as a minimalist homeowner, it is good news to find out that there are already modern yet simple toilet paper holders available in the market. You may choose the simplest one as long as it serves its purpose.

Accessories 2

Light-colored Trash bin

Light-colored accessories like a trash bin can trick the eyes and make the bathroom look minimal, neat, and simpler. We usually see a darker color of trash bin everywhere and it obviously hides the dirt and mess caused by the garbage. However, odor won’t lie. Lighter one will allow the person to notice the dirt and mess immediately and will encourage him to clean it up as soon as possible which is a highly important habit to maintain an odor-free and clean bathroom.

2 in 1 mirror and cabinet

This kind of accessory will allow you to organize and hide your toiletries while it serves its purpose as a mirror. It will also keep the sink’s counter clutter-free and easy to clean. There are many designs available in the market that may suit your taste and budget. Nowadays, dual-purpose items help a lot in our decision-making when it comes to designing our space.

Uniform toiletries bottles

Shampoo, liquid soap, bodywash, lotion, and other toiletries have different labels and designs according to their manufacturers’ choices. Their different sizes and shapes may also affect the spaces you need to reserve for them. But It is good to know that there are several kinds of affordable containers with uniform labels,sizes, shapes, and colors that are now being sold online and in physical stores. Choose the best ones that you can fill with an exact amount of each toiletries then place them on top of the sink and shower caddy.

Accessories 3

Final Words

Creativity and resourcefulness are the key to achieving your minimalist bathroom goal. It is quite challenging but surely is a rewarding task that is worthy of your effort. To be able to achieve your minimalist bathroom look will also be helpful to your mental health. It will boost your joy and allows you to relax even while taking a shower. Find the expert plumber/handyman that will help you for your bathroom accessories installation to make sure that they will be installed properly and won’t give you an unnecessary headache in the future.