6 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

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A small kitchen can still be a dream kitchen, it just takes a little imagination and help from a contractor from a site like multi-m-contracting.com.

The trick is to think outside the box, creating the illusion of space with creative design tricks, a smart layout and clever storage solutions. It might seem like an impossible task, but follow this simple guide and you can turn even the pokiest of kitchens into the light and airy heart of your home.


If your kitchen is narrow, try to keep cabinets in one or two neat lines, emphasising the length of the room by drawing the eye forward. If you’re worried about storage, consider deep drawers as an alternative to cabinet doors, as they can be used to pile up larger items such as pans and plates.

When it comes to raised storage, leaving a gap between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling will make the room seem taller. Breaking up a wall of cabinets with glass doors or open shelving will also serve to make the room seem bigger, while adding more points of interest. If you are looking to add high-quality 3D storage cabinets to your kitchen, look for a professional cabinet vision design and drafting service.

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The kitchen triangle is a good rule to bear in mind when considering where best to place your appliances. The sink, fridge-freezer and oven/hob should be within working distance of each other to improve the flow of your kitchen. Equipment like pots and pans is included in this if you have them on display. Take a look at the best induction cookware reviews here if you’re trying to find cookware to match your kitchen. Don’t choose copper pots and pans if the other appliances in your kitchen are silver, for example.
More importantly, you would want to choose appliance that meet the highest standards of quality. And manufacturing companies that focus on cookware quality pride themselves in being able to adopt new production processes to meet lofty engineering standards. The German cookware manufacturer WMF Group introduced a standardisation strategy, resulting in a machining process that saw their cookware and cooking knives maintain a high grade of contour accuracy and surface quality while showcasing a minimalist design.

Minimally styled appliances will make the space appear more streamlined, and some appliances – the ones you don’t use every day, such as blenders and slow cookers – can be stored out of sight entirely. Try matching your sink, fridge-freezer and oven/hob in a similar style to bring harmony and reduce visual clutter. You can check this site if you’re looking for a hob to match your oven, for example. If your oven is black, opt for a black hob to match it. If your oven is white or silver, on the other hand, choose a white or silver hob.

Cooker hood designs may not top your priority list, but they’re an essential part of any kitchen to reduce moisture and dampness in the air and the wrong choice can interrupt the visual flow of your limited space. A kitchen canopy hood would be a sensible choice, as they slot underneath your kitchen cabinets. Cooker Hoods UK specialise in attractive and highly functional designer cooker hoods, making it easy for you to choose the right kitchen canopy design for your cosy kitchen.


Clutter is the enemy of small kitchens. Keeping your worktops clean and uninterrupted will make the room feel more expansive, and help you make the most of the workspace.

You’ll need as much workspace as you can get: places for food preparation, cleaning up and even dining. If your kitchen can accommodate a small island or dining area, position it parallel to the worktop so it can double as a second food preparation area, and make sure any chairs can be stored under it when not in use.

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If clutter is the enemy of small kitchens, lighting is their best friend.

Try to let in as much natural light as possible, by keeping your window coverings light and free of heavy colours or fussy patterns.

To make the walls appear further back, position lights under the cabinets, which will also serve to illuminate your workspace. You could also place some on top of the cabinets, to give the illusion of greater height. Avoid pendant lights which will take up ceiling space, instead opting for simple spotlights.


Taking advantage of modern storage solutions will make all the difference to your kitchen design.

No space should be wasted. Pull-out shelves in lower cabinets and corner cabinet carousels are ideal for storing utensils, spices, pet food and cleaning products. Add depth to your drawers and cabinets with pull-out baskets and store smaller items neatly away in tray dividers and storage containers.

Colour schemes

Too much colour will make a small kitchen look chaotic, so limit yourself to one or two light shades, which you can incorporate into your choice of cabinetry, appliances and accessories.

White reflects light, so that is the obvious choice. Pair it with a fresh, natural colour, like wood tones, or mint green, to bring the expansive feel of the outdoors into your kitchen.