8 Innovative Landscaping Ideas

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If 2020 felt like an eternity, 2021 flew by and here we are anticipating a virus-free, memorable 2022. At the beginning of each year, most of us plan renovations to make our homes and yards more appealing. Emerging landscaping trends also make a huge difference in how we perceive our outdoor spaces. There are many options you can consider but the best thing is to go for affordable upgrades that suit the style of your home.

Regardless of how your home looks inside, it is your of outdoor space that makes the real impression. The good news is that if you choose landscaping ideas that match  the climate and local flora where you live, impressive landscaping will not cost as much as you might expect. It ultimately comes down to smart choices.

If you are short of creative inspiration, here are 8 innovative landscaping ideas you can choose from!

Moss Walls

An outdoor moss wall is an excellent addition to an urban lifestyle. Moss walls are the result of creative modern art and they are designed for outdoors as well as inside. Moss walls not only carry fantastic aesthetic appeal, but they are also effective at fighting air pollution. The vertical design saves a lot of space while still creating a pleasing impact. They are an excellent addition to any patio or yard, especially if you have limited outdoor space.

Outdoors Fireplace and BBQ Setup

The kitchen is typically an indoor feature, but  one recent trend is changing this up. No matter how much space is available in your yard, you can easy set up your own barbecue to host a few people or even a large group of up to 10 friends and family members.

This setup will make gatherings on cold evenings particularly memorable. This doesn’t have to be a big or complex construction. You can set up something pretty simple in a compact space – all you need is a small brick fireplace and a grill.

Solar-Powered Stream

If your yard is naturally sloping, you are lucky because you won’t have to do much to design an impressive stream water feature. You will just need a solar-powered motor or a traditional wheel to circulate water in a closed loop in your yard.

Even better, you can build your stream so it runs along your the flower beds so it waters your blooms and plants on summer mornings and evenings. The best designs have a concrete bed so that even if the water stays still for a few days, you can easily flush away fungus.

Shade Sail

Shade sails are a great addition for winter as well as summer as they give you the opportunity to enjoy the rain as well as avoid summer sunlight. With a even a simply shade sail you’ll be able to get out and enjoy every bit of exceptional weather.

These don’t require a significant investment. You can find high-quality shade sails for a very affordable cost and one or two will be sufficient to set off your yard and turn it into a beautiful and functional space.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are now reasonably common, but this doesn’t mean they’re boring! Landscape designers are continuously coming up with new ideas and fresh designs for wall gardens The innovative use of space lets you install a large number of plants in a very small space – you can create a stunning floral display or your own kitchen garden of herbs and vegetables in your small patio or balcony.

Modern-day vertical gardens come with an automatic watering system and humidity sensors that makes them low maintenance – the watering is handled for you, so you just need to keep an eye on your plants and do a bit of weeding from time to time. On top of this, modern vertical garden designs don’t need support from the adjacent walls, so the original structure of the building remains intact. This means you don’t need to worry about your garden destroying your walls, and even makes these designs suitable for rentals.

Solar Powered Lighting

Contemporary LEDs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can set up a small solar panel to light your yard through dusk and night without batteries or connecting to mains electricity. High-quality outdoor LEDs are super-durable and designed to resist sunlight and rain.

There are a range of kits available, from ground lights to solar tube lights, which come with their own solar panel, battery, and cables. This means all you need to do is to set up the kit, and the lights will literally take care of themselves. Some types of solar lights have a sensor that turns the lights on at night, or other lights can be programmed to go on with certain hours. Solar lights are an easy and eco-friendly way to improve your home’s security, light your way when you get home after dark, and provide a fabulous atmosphere for outdoor events.

Build a Rock Garden

Rock structures provide a unique country aesthetic, allowing you to create your own landscape. However, high-end rock gardens can be expensive. If you cannot afford to pay a profession to build a rock garden for you, consider a DIY adventure with inexpensive natural stones of different sizes. With a little knowledge and an artistic touch, you can give your yard an expensive look without spending too much money.

Country Style

Do you love lanterns that give a gentle, warm glow to light up the dark? What about hanging pots here and there? If you’re looking to move towards digital minimalism and spend less time on your smartphone and other electronic devices, go for landscaping elements that remind you of a simpler time and the quiet countryside. It could be the gentle sound of a water feature, or brightly-colored blooms. These little things can help you relax, unplug, and have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

There are countless landscaping ideas you can consider but keeping things closer to nature is always a safe bet. Extravagant themes do not necessarily appeal to everyone – natural aesthetics are guaranteed to suit everyone’s tastes!