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The Danish lamp designer Frandsen is to look for at, that offers a wide range of different lamps from the Frandsen collection.

Click here for more information about Frandsen Lightning A/S that knows good designs, and has known it since 1968, where the company first went into business. With a lamp from Frandsen you can never go wrong. The company is known for its designer lamps in good materials that helps ensure that the collection signals quality and good taste.

At Frandsen the most important thing is to make great lamps, that satisfies the costumers. The company only has one vision that is: “Frandsen develops and sells designer lightning products for and to people who believe that good taste is more important than cheap prices.”

The Ball


The Ball is probably the most well-known design within the Frandsen collection. It has status as a design icon, and was actually the first design, that the founder Benny Frandsen created back in 1968. That means that the classic and stylish lamp turned 50 years in 2018 and could celebrate its anniversary.

Today it is possible to get the lamp in many different colors that includes orange, red, cobber, silver, black and many more. It is worth notice the way the company paints the shades of the Ball, because it flawless. The ball offers the simplicity many are looking for without sacrificing a tiny bit of an edge. The round design is a classic one that works well with the light, thanks to the round metal shade.

Lamps with quality and finesse

Since 1968 Benny Frandsen and co. has come a long way and has only been able to expand the production and collection even more. With the constant development in new designs, Benny Frandsen has proven that good design and craftsmanship never gets old. There are now so many different models to choose between, that there is something for everyone.

One of the newest designs is the pendant, Kyoto, with hand-blown glass shade. The name Kyoto comes from the old Japanese imperial capital and the lamp is associated with the clean and lovely designs, that the nation is so well-known for.

The screen has a microscopically thin layer of metal that was applied during the electrogalvanising process. The metal coat creates a semi-transparent interior that reflects the light and catches the eye, and then creates a dimming effect in the room.