Flooring Tips For Various Rooms


If you and your partner are ready to design your dream home, flooring is one aspect of the build that requires careful forethought and with that in mind, we put together a room-by-room guide for flooring options.

Living Room

Most prefer hardwood flooring throughout, with the exception of the bathroom and kitchen. If you love the look and feel of hardwood but don’t want to pay the high price, take a look at engineered timber. Made from a composite core and an outer layer of real timber, this is the perfect flooring for wood lovers and it is very easy to work with. Cork is another material that is suitable for the living room and most people love the soft and silent walking experience that cork offers.


For most homeowners, the best kitchen flooring is natural cork, which is very durable and sealant waterproof. When you see the best cork flooring company in Melbourne as well as in other cities around the world, it is easy to understand the popularity of natural cork, which is harvested in a sustainable way, making it perfect for people who prefer eco-friendly options. Vinyl is another suitable material for kitchens and with stunning timber, stone and slate finishes, you have a high-traffic flooring solution that is easy to keep clean.


Many homeowners can’t resist soft pile carpet, which can be laid on any substrate, yet you are not limited in your choice when it comes to bedroom flooring; timber, engineered timber, vinyl and laminate, are all great options. Find an engineered timber design you like and have the entire house done, which is not only affordable, it is also very durable and long-lasting. For second storey rooms, stone is not an option, due to the excessive weight, although there are always exceptions to the rule.


It simply has to be luxury vinyl for the wet rooms in the house. A varied selection of timber, stone and slate designs are available, so you can match with other flooring. Vinyl can handle water all day long and great durability is what you need for bathroom flooring. Check out the many designs on a supplier’s website and installation is usually included in the price. Ceramic tiles are another good choice for bathrooms for obvious reasons.



Another ideal area for luxury vinyl, high-traffic areas such as hallways need very durable flooring and you can’t really beat vinyl in terms on longevity. Engineered timber is another firm favourite that is ideal for high traffic areas. Search online for a local flooring company and see what they have on offer in terms of hallway flooring.

It is rare that you find a house with the exact same flooring in every room and by visiting a local flooring showroom, you can receive the best advice from staff. Flooring is an investment that warrants a lot of thought, as there are many variables, aside from personal preference and with a local flooring specialist, you can be sure of first-class workmanship.