Frequent Problems With Roofing And The Solutions

Frequent Problems With Roofing And The Solutions

Roof maintenance is crucial if you want to avoid calling roofing contractors in Fort Worth all the time for repairs. As a result, knowing simple-to-resolve issues that may arise more frequently than you realize is beneficial.

And so today, we will be sharing some of the most common roof problems and how to deal with them.

Roof Leaks

Living in areas prone to heavy rains requires you to keep a keen eye on the roof. Notice quickly when water starts running down the siding or staining the ceiling.

Roof leaks are common and can be caused by several factors, including old age and debris. If the problem is severe, like when there are missing shingles or the roof is too old, the best way to fix it is to call a siding and roofing contractor. We don’t recommend fixing such issues yourself due to the risks they pose.

Unfunctional/Blocked Gutters

Gutters play the most important role in the drainage of your roofing system. As a result, you must ensure that water flows freely down the gutters or it will break them. A blockage is possible when your roof has gathered too much dirt. Leaves and debris can make it hard for the water to flow down the gutters.

You can fix this easily. Cleaning the gutters will clear the blockage and ensure proper drainage. You avoid the risk of replacing the whole roof and siding when the pile of water breaks through.

Mold and Moss

You can never neglect the possibility of moss on your house, especially when it starts blocking the gutters. Moss and mold grow when you leave dirt on the roof, which piles under the shingles to trap water.

To keep moss from growing on your roof, clean it often and ensure it’s always dry. But if the damage is already visible, you can remove it easily with a mixture of 50% laundry-strength liquid chlorine bleach and the same amount of water. Spray it on the roof and then rinse it with clean water after 20 minutes or so.


Always hire a trusted Fort Worth, TX roofing contractor to avoid problems like bad installation, which can lead to more issues. Bloating is a common issue caused by poor ventilation, which makes your roof heat up too much.

To resolve this issue, ensure you have adequate ventilation on the roof. Call a qualified roofing Fort Worth contractor, and they will help you.

Cutting Birds

As much as many of us love waking up to the sound of birds in the morning, they can be a nightmare if they settle on our roof. Then there’s the noise to consider, as well as other pests and insects.

It’s better to evict them as soon as possible. Birds can damage your roof if you let them stay for too long, something you may not want just yet.


Let’s face it. Not all of us clean our roofs as often as we are supposed to, and yet it’s an important roof maintenance step. Call your local Fort Worth roof repair and maintenance service to help you here. Regular maintenance will prevent severe damage.

Call us today for roof maintenance and repair services. Our team is here to ensure you have a strong and long-lasting roof.