How Small Indoor Plant Pots Decor Your Office

Indoor Plant Pots Decor

Good things come in small packages, as they say. Proving it right yet again are the cool indoor planters , small in size that are ideal for the modern day office spaces. In the times when workplaces are increasingly becoming our home away from home, it is becoming more and more essential to make them appear warm, welcoming and charming in a sophisticated way. The endearing looking small planters play just the perfect role for this objective. They make your workday lively and positive. Check out these ways as we tell you how you can use the small indoor plant pots to enliven your workspace.

Additionally, you can also incorporate other architectural and interior features such as spatial planning, comfortable furniture, natural lighting, etc., to elevate the workflow, wellbeing, potential, and efficiency of the employees. To achieve that, you can consult a few commercial construction companies who might bring your imagination to life. Further you can explore the different ways to make your workspace lively through indoor plants.

1. Create a welcoming entrance

Create a welcoming entrance
An office entrance says a lot about what sort of vibes might be in store for you inside. Placing happy-looking plants by your entrance creates a stylish yet soothing first impression. They give your office an organic aura in the age of boring gadget-led lifestyles. You can use small-sized terra cotta, ceramic, or the container of any other material of your choice here. Or, you can hang them in the pant hanger at your entrance. These pots are available in different sizes. You can further beautify them with plants like Devil’s Ivy, colored Orchids, creepers of different kinds, and other plants with some visual appeal. Let anyone who enters the office feel the loving pull of nature with these pots placed at the entrance like poetry. Well, are these not reason enough to keep indoor plants, if you are considering furnishing and decorating your office, or while looking for office fit out in London or nearby?

2. Engage the visitor at the radiant reception

The reception area in any workspace is the first contact point between the visitor and the office staff. Ensure that this first interaction point gives out the friendly yet professional feeling. You may achieve this with carefully picked and positioned small plant containers here as well. Depending on the size of your reception area, you may place one of the tinier sized 2 inches diameter indoor pots or you may group them together to create a bigger bunch of small pots to make them look more interesting. If you have a bigger area available to you around the reception desk, you can go on beautifying it with the slightly bigger and still small sized planters that are available in the market in various sizes like 4 inches to 10 inches.

3. Make the wait worthy of their time at the waiting lounge

Make the wait worthy of their time at the waiting lounge
The waiting lounge becomes a lot less monotonous when it flaunts an enchanting presence of healthy and attractive looking 10 inch indoor planters. Take the interior design and the color scheme of your lounge in consideration while you pick the small indoor pots for this space. Accordingly, you may make it appear chic and corporate with granite, marble and other neutral looking pots. Or alternatively, you may go for the strategically colorful pots to generate a more artistic effect. A Jade plant, African Violet, Bamboo or Snake Plant can be some of the good choices here. Let the waiting game be made more interesting when the visitor can spend time gazing at your pretty plant pots and complimenting you later over them.

4. Work desks made wonderful

Now comes the key area where the action happens on the day to day basis – the work desk, that you may have bought from somewhere like This is the area where the deadline pressures are felt, targets are achieved, and where the pile of paperwork gets bigger and bigger, so it’s a good job that it is comfortable and accommodates all your accessories and equipment because without it, you won’t be able to get any of your jobs done. Though it may not seem significant to you, the work desk is actually one of the most important parts of your business. And although the presence of a stable network connection (like rise broadband internet) in the office can make work easier; help productivity; and ease the pressure slightly, some potted indoor plants on the desk are sure to relax the mind further. These are the spaces where the mind and heart both have to work in tandem. Aiding your performance in your routine are the sweet looking small plant pots that accompany you here. You may plant the positivity boosting indoor plants like the Lemon Balm in an embellished, embossed or creatively painted small pots meant for indoor use. For a more rugged use, go for the plastic or resin containers as they would survive for longer just in case if they fall off your desk while you crack a joke and laugh out loud with a colleague. This verdant presence of the good-looking pots can give your eyes the much needed healing break after staring into your computer screens for too long.

5. Spin the lush magic in to your conference and meeting rooms

Spin the lush magic in to your conference and meeting rooms
The conference and meeting rooms are the places where a number of decisions are taken. Here is where various negations happen. Here is where the new opportunities and tie ups are unlocked too. To complement the buzzing character of these office spaces, the addition pleasant and pacifying small pots with harmonizing plants can be a brilliant décor solution. Starting from the bonsai plants in artsy looking and interestingly shaped pots that are just a few inches big in their sizes to the low rising Tillandsia plant in a plate shaped container, the center of your large conference or meeting table can be made to ooze class with these leafy greens. Attending to the empty corners of these rooms, they can be filled up aesthetically by placing clay, concrete, stone or any other well fitting pot sized from small to medium and of the material best complementing to your interior.