How To Care For Your Real Christmas Tree This Holiday Season

How To Care For Your Real Christmas Tree This Holiday Season

It’s the Christmas season, and you want to celebrate it in style with a real tree. That is not a bad idea, but there is a challenge in caring for the tree until the season passes. Today, we will be sharing how to care for the tree.

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Why Use a Real Christmas Tree?

You can always buy a fake Christmas tree that is cheap and does not require special care. However, nothing is more fulfilling than having a real tree in your home. Everything from the adventure of visiting your local Christmas tree farm, selecting the best fir, bringing it home, and taking care of it is pure excitement. And the real magic starts with the tree perfectly decorated for the season and ready for display.

A real Christmas tree shows a deeper connection to the holiday. Its significance goes beyond the worry of calling a tree removal Irvine CA when the season is over. And that is why many people will not find any problems investing in one.

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

It’s best to buy your real Christmas tree at least three weeks in advance. This gives you a chance to get all the decorations ready without rushing and have the tree stand out from the others.

The challenge, however, is caring for the tree correctly all this time. A Christmas tree can last for about five weeks or more if properly cared for. You can seek help from your local tree service Irvine CA if you can’t seem to get it right.

For those who want to DIY, here are some of the best tips to keep your tree alive and fresh long enough.

Buy the right tree

The best place to buy a healthy Christmas tree is from your local farm. Trees on the roadside or garden stores are exposed to elements already and may not last long. So, look for trees with the least number of brown needles, one displayed in shady branches and still very fresh.

Trim the trunk

Check if the seller makes a new cut across the base of the trunk for better water absorption. This is done to remove any dried-up resin that may affect water absorption. You will then need to trim it one- or two times once you get it home.

Check the water level daily

You don’t need to hire a tree service Irvine to check the water levels of your Christmas tree. Set the tree in a strong stand that will hold at least a gallon of water, and then keep an eye on the level daily. It should not be too slow as that could mean resin build-up and the tree is not getting enough.

Keep away from the heat

You can seek advice from your tree services pro, Irvine, CA, on the best location for your tree. Generally, you want to avoid hot places. If your home has too much dryness, consider investing in a humidifier, and your tree will be just fine.

Remember to use only water, nothing else. And when you are done with the tree, or it dries up, call our experts for tree removal Irvine CA. Our team responds on time to ensure you have space for other things after the Christmas holidays.