How to Choose the Perfect Bar and Counter Stool Height

Bar and Counter Stool Height

Bar and counter stools are the perfect addition to any home! They are fantastic for bringing some extra comfort and laid back style to your kitchen, dining or living space. If you’re on the hunt for a set of breakfast stools and you’re not quite sure where to start, then keep reading! Here is how to choose the ideal bar stool height, material and style for your home…


Your bar stools’ height can be the trickiest and most crucial element to get right, so it’s important that you put it at the forefront of your decision making. First thing’s first, decide where you’ll be placing these brand new breakfast stools of yours. If it’s at a bar, countertop or kitchen island, then you can simply measure from the floor to the base of the counter surface. Take this measurement with you to ensure that the salesperson shows you styles that will work for your space. Shopping online? Keep these numbers handy, but focus on the measurements specified in the product description of styles that are catching your eye. Measure these against the vertical edge of your bar and mark with tape to see if the height is going to work for you. Most e-commerce sites (such as Belleze Furniture) tend to provide measurements of their bar stool models, and with the measurement chart above at your disposal, selecting the perfect set of stools for your space might be almost as easy as pie. Maybe you’re looking to add bar stools to your dining set or to your living room? Search for more compact styles or guarantee yourself the right fit by selecting a style with an adjustable height setting, it’s the perfect solution if you’re unsure or if you’re looking for more multifunctional stools.



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Next, material! The material in which your breakfast stools are crafted out of are going to make all the difference to the look and feel of your new home addition. A few popular choices to consider include…

Leather: Leather bar stools are classic, incredibly high quality and perfect if you’re looking to create a luxurious, high end feel in your home. Leather blends amazingly with Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist and Modern homes. Look for darker tones to ensure a mark proof, comfortable feel.

Metal: Metals such as iron create fantastic clean, modern breakfast stools. This is a great choice if you want to create an edgy Industrial, Minimal or Contemporary mood for mealtimes or entertaining. Look for vintage unfinished styles for a more eclectic look or opt for high shine metallics for a cutting edge contemporary feel. This is a great idea for smaller homes

Reclaimed Timber: Reclaimed timber is an ideal choice for any kind of household and any design category as it’s perfectly neutral, completely timeless and actually looks better over time! This material is wear and tear resistant, which makes it especially great for families with little ones or four legged friends running about the place. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly, stylish and classic breakfast stool style to invest in, then reclaimed timber is the material for you!

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The material that you choose will largely determine the overall style of your bar stool, so it is best to focus on the structural elements here. Factors to consider include…

Backrest: A backrest is going to make your breakfast stools more comfortable and usable for all ages, but it will also create a homely, cosy vibe in your kitchen or living space. Bar stools without a backrest are, by nature, more contemporary and minimalist.

Arm Rests: Arm rests will amplify the comfortable, intimate atmosphere of homes that follow Country, Boho, Classic, Hamptons and Shabby Chic designs whilst Minimalist, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern and Industrial will suit the edgy and contemporary feel of a stool with no arm rests.