There are multiple options to stay warm during the winter, but whichever one you might choose, it is important to perform regular maintenance of your heating system often by either checking over this yourself, or by getting in touch with professionals like those at MetroPHA. By doing so, you can rest assured your heating won’t fail when you need it most.

HVAC was my system of choice so I decided to learn more on how to keep it up and running while avoiding some typical problems users run into. Hughes Air Heating and Cooling team was of enormous help here. They introduced me to this type of heating and warned me of the things to keep an eye on to avoid any potential issues:

Pre-Season Preparations

Regular maintenance is the key element of your unit’s solid performance. Many of us tend to neglect this step in the process. We basically wait for the unit to break down completely before we start looking for options to buy something new.

This is something that we should definitely avoid doing. Though we may think that it sounds like a lot of hard work, it is the opposite. In fact, some may say that it’s the most straightforward aspect of the whole process. For example, if you know for definite that your furnace system is due for maintenance soon, you shouldn’t waste any time in deciding to learn more about No Problem Heating and Cooling, or a similar company, to see how they can help you to get this process underway. Before you know it, you will be good to go for another year. You just need to remember that maintenance is really important.

You see, sometimes, the problem is as simple as cleaning the filters, which is why taking action before the cold season kicks in is so important, and it doesn’t take much time or effort. It only takes a couple of minutes to schedule a visit from a professional who is going to take a thorough look at your HVAC and ensure it is fully operational for the upcoming minus temperatures. This is your safest bet: by optimizing your maintenance process this way, you can sleep tight knowing your system won’t fail you when you need it most.


Check the Filters

You can still choose to do it yourself, and the first thing you should check are the filters. They get dirty pretty quickly, which directly affects the performance. Dirty filters block the air so the unit struggles to achieve your desired temperature, which is not only a waste of energy but may also lead to overheating and failure. The quality of your indoor air is also affected by the dirty filters, and this can have a direct impact on our health. This is something to be mindful of, now more than ever. Check your filters regularly, and replace them twice a year.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Old, analogue thermostats can sometimes show incorrect temperatures and cause a lot of confusion. You could change the batteries or recalibrate it, but that’s only a temporary, potentially unreliable solution. What you should do is upgrade by getting a new, digital thermostat that can be programmable remotely. This allows you to manipulate temperatures while you are out and still keep your home warm. The goal is to have an optimal performance with the least amount of energy spent, which you can achieve with a digital thermostat.

Consider Making Home Repairs

Sometimes it is not your HVAC that’s the problem. If you are not able to achieve and maintain your desired temperature although your unit is working properly, then it’s time to look at the cracks and leaks in the windows, doors and walls. This is especially important in older homes where renovations haven’t been done in a while.

This is a savvy long-term investment because your unit will not be wasting as much energy to heat the place up, as long as it is properly isolated and sealed. So, instead of blaming your heating system and turning it to eleven, look for potential solutions within your home. Contacting services for boiler repair Jefferson County or somewhere in your vicinity, could be one of the steps you could opt for!


Choose Between HVAC Repair or New Unit Installation

An old system is sometimes beyond help, no matter how much effort you put into its regular maintenance.

On the other hand, modern units like an inverter heat pump, household heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, etc., are designed with smarter energy consumption in mind. They allow you to reach your desired temperatures with lesser costs than your old HVAC. Also, these newer models require less attention which is certainly more convenient. If you don’t know which model to pick, you can always refer to a professional heating service who will be more than willing to help you choose a system and then install it for you.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do the maintenance yourself, or you just can’t afford to spend too much time on taking care of your unit, then you can have a professional come over and take a look at your HVAC system a few times a year, especially before the start of summer or winter when you know your entire home’s temperature is going to rely on air conditioning.