Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Enjoy Special Spa-like Shower Experience


A spa experience often seems like the best way to boost our mood and general wellbeing, but it can sometimes be time-consuming. No doubt, a spa experience helps pamper the skin and gives us a relaxed, refreshed, and reinvigorated experience. However, why visit a spa center when you can create a spa-like ambiance in your home? Stay with me, and I will show you how to remodel your bathroom and give it a spa-like feel.

Why is it important to start a day with shower?

Reduces stress

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A morning shower is not only good for the hygiene, but also good for the mind. It will greatly reduce your stress levels which will have a direct impact on mental and physical health and gives us the strength and drive for the day’s work.

Improves happiness and mood

Improves happiness and mood

A morning spa-like bath experience helps release the hormone responsible for happiness called serotonin. This hormone will greatly enhance your mood and give you the feeling of happiness all through the day.

Help reduce body pains and aches

Old man suffering from knee pain
Old man suffering from knee pain

Body pains and aches are typical if you had a stressful previous day. Maybe due to sitting for a long time, a hectic day at work, or exercising beyond your limit. Whatever be the case, a morning spa-like shower will help relax your muscles and reduce the pains and aches.

Reduces the chances of frequent headaches

Reduces the chances of frequent headaches

Headaches are typical for some people and can happen more often when the body is stressed. A morning spa-like shower will help keep the blood vessels dilated and relax the body. This will reduce the pressure in the head; and by extension, it will reduce the chances of getting a headache.

Main items and accessories to give your bathroom a spa-like look

Introduce a relaxing scent

relaxing scent

Aromatherapy is one aspect that should not be overlooked because a great scent can boost your mood and health, so in giving your bathroom a spa-like feel, adding a great scent should be unnegotiable. Taking your bath with minty soaps is one of the fastest and easiest ways to wake up the brain in the morning. Adding a good scent to your bathroom will also help you sleep better and improve your sensual experience. You could also incorporate some male and female pheromones items in the form of bath and massage oils, or just hair conditioners if your bathroom is a place where you could enjoy some sexy time with your partner, indulging in some sweet loving.

Watching favorite show

Watching favorite show

Let’s be honest, taking your shower can be boring sometimes. This is why some people add TV’s while taking bath in the bathtub. The TV is not only to improve the general look of the bathroom but also to keep them company while having their bath in the bathtub. TV is great for your entertainment, but it doesn’t help you keep a tranquil mind. To achieve this, you can play cool music from your phone connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

A massage showerhead

A massage showerhead

Many people think that having a bathtub is one of the necessary materials for a spa-like bathroom. Bathtubs will take up a significant chunk of your bathroom space and you may not use it every day, somethings it is used just twice in a week or less. On the flip side, a massage showerhead will not take up much bathroom space and you will definitely use it all the time.

It will be great to install frameless shower doors in your bathroom. However, if you’re on a budget or you have a small bathroom, you should sacrifice the bathtub for a massage showerhead as it satisfies your relaxation needs better.

Faux wood tiles

Faux wood tiles

Incorporating faux wood flooring evokes a calm and warm feeling. You might argue that wood is not ideal for damp areas, but with today’s tech, we can incorporate wood-like faux wood tiles in our bathroom without any problem. How? Faux wood tile is made of porcelain or ceramics tiles. It imitates the look, feel, and texture of wood – it is highly water-resistant and comes in different patterns that will match any bathroom décor.

Lighting options: both dim and bright

Lighting options

One of the best ways to create a perfect spa-like atmosphere is by incorporating great lighting. Consider installing many light colors, dim lights, and bright lights so you can change the ambiance of your bathroom depending on your mood. For a romantic late-night bath, consider the dim lights to give you a spa-like feel. Lighting can make a great difference and should not be taken for granted. Even if it’s just candles or softer bulbs, it will go a long way in creating a calming bathroom feel.

Glass Shower enclosure for an enjoyable showering experience

Glass Shower

Whether it’s for a new home or bathroom remodeling, glass shower doors are the best type of shower enclosure for your bathroom. Asides the fact that glass shower doors give the bathroom a rare aesthetic look and increase the market value of the home, you will also enjoy bathing better with glass shower doors. Unlike shower curtains where you have to worry about molds building on them and cleaning them regularly to prevent diseases, glass shower doors are nothing like that. With glass doors, you don’t have to worry about water leaking out when having your bath or worry about molds. Shower doors are low maintenance as you don’t need to clean them too often and even when you do clean them it will take less than five minutes. If you decide to have glass shower doors installed, consider getting some wet room kits to go with the new fixture. These kits are ideal if you have a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

Getting a new shower is one of the best parts of bathroom renovations. Shower doors are also great for a steam bath. When heated water touches the glass, it gives off steamed droplets – but when heated water touches wood or curtain it will end up damaging the wood or cause a fungi build-up on the curtain. Having a steam bath at least three times a week is good for you. The moist heat of steam widens the blood vessels and brings down blood pressure. This will naturally increase blood flow and improve the overall blood circulation, this means a better heart and muscle function.

Final thoughts

Remodeling your bathroom for a spa-like experience shouldn’t be a thing of hassle with the above guidelines, you should be able to transform your bathroom and give it a spa-like ambiance without any hiccups.

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