Red Flags to Watch Out When Hiring a Removal Service to Relocate to A New State

Movers unloading moving van, passing a cardboard box

Are you moving to your house? Are you apprehensive about the entire process? Do you need a Greensboro mover? Now, one thing that you should keep in your mind is that house relocation is an extensive process. It is never a smart idea to manage this process yourself.

The reason is that there is so much that needs to get done, and you cannot focus on every little detail. Well, the solution that might come to your mind is to seek professional assistance.

The good news is that if you reside in Sydney, then finding a good removal service will not be a tedious task. Furthermore, finding skip services by searching for cheap skip bins sydney won’t be a difficult job either as there are many to choose from. This will ease your stress in the knowledge that anything you don’t put in the hands of your trusty removal service will be disposed of efficiently. However, it is essential that you should go for reputed Sydney/Newcastle Removalists, or if you live in a different region then looking for a reputable moving company like those on this website is a good idea to ensure that no extra stress is added on top of the moving process.

To make your quest easy, we will identify some red flags that you need to be vigilant about when hiring a removal service.

Red Flags to Remember When Relocating Your House

Resistance Against a Written Estimate

Resistance Against a Written Estimate
What you need to do is to ask the movers to give you a written estimate of the cost. If the mover fails to give you the estimate in writing, then it is a red flag alert that you cannot ignore by any means.

Another thing which scammers do is give you the wrong estimate. The scammer will either give you a very high estimate or a very low estimate. On the contrary, if you go for a legitimate company that is registered, then it will give you a realistic cost estimate that aligns with the market trends.

Asks for A High Down Payment

Down Payment
You need to be on your guard against high down payments also. When you go for a legitimate mover, then they will not ask for a down payment of more than 20%. If the service exceeds this 20%, then it is a clear indicator that the service is a scam.

Does Not Provide a Valid License Number

There are times when you are skeptical about a service. The best approach is to ask for a license number in this situation. If the mover fails to provide you with a license number, then this means that the service is not licensed, and you are going in the wrong direction.

Fails to Provide References

Fails to Provide References
When you select a moving service, then they should be able to provide you references. However, if the team seems hesitant to provide the information about the clients for whom they worked, then you should avoid hiring such a moving service.

Hides Third-Party Details

Hides Third-Party Details
During interstate removals, the moving service may transfer the items to a third party if needed. The important thing is that you should not be oblivious of this fact. The service should mention in the contract that they will hand over the items to a third-party. Ideally, the service should be willing to reason out this decision.

If the service hides the third-party details, then this is yet another sign that the moving service is a scam. Remember all these tips before hiring a moving service, and you can avoid a lot of stress coming your way for sure.