Spend Less Money Making your Garden Look Good!


If you want to make your garden look good for less you’re in the right place. https://www.dinodecking.co.uk/ can help you make your garden look good but before we look at composite decking we’re going to look at other great options:

Cut your Lawn

Now you may be wondering why we’ve suggested that cutting your lawn can make your garden look good. However, what we’re referring to is cutting your lawn into a clear and defined shape. Take some string and mark out your desired shape such as a circle, oblong or square. Using a spade, cut away any excess grass and enjoy having a lawn that’s a different shape. This idea costs nothing but it can make your garden look completely different.

Plant Perennials

One of the cheapest and nicest ways to ensure your flowerbeds look good is to plant perennials in them. Purchase perennials that can be divided up such as geraniums, astrantia or geums. Tip the plant pot upside down and pull the plant out. Pull 2 – 3 bits of the plant apart along with its root and stalk and dig them into your flowerbed. When they’ve grown a little more and spread some more next year you can divide them up again if you wish. Planting perennials is a great way to add more colour to your garden and make your flowerbeds look full.

Add Some Gravel

Gravel can be used to fill in gaps and it’s certainly cheaper than laying a path. Take some string and mark out where you would like the gravel to go. You may want to ensure you place some membrane down so weeds are unable to pass through. Add a depth of approximately 2.5 centimetres of gravel.

You may also want to consider using a shade of gravel that complements your garden. A large bag of gravel should cover approximately 20 square metres of space, breathing new life into your garden.

Install Some Decking

Composite decking when correctly installed can make your garden look great. Using the right colour decking (There are many shades available) can give your garden a new lease of life. Decking will also give you the chance to enjoy your garden in the evening, during those hot summer months or any time you want to go outside.

You can even get decking to complement the colour of your garden. If you’re feeling adventurous you may want to think about using a combination of colours. For example, you could use a lighter colour for the decking you’ll walk on and a slightly darker shade for
the steps.


Light your Garden up

Why not purchase some outdoor fairy lights that can add a special effect to your garden? One of the great things about outdoor fairy lights is they’re relatively cheap. This potentially means you can light up all of your garden should you wish to. Arrange the lights in the branches of a tree, have them hanging around your shed or above your garden furniture, which may be Recycled Plastic Furniture. Outdoor fairy lights can brighten up your garden while looking good, and you can run them from inside your home. A great way to light up your garden and add that special touch.

Paint your Fence

A relatively easy and inexpensive way to make your garden look good is to paint your fence. After a while, fences can look old and they can also look rather dreary. Here’s where a new coat of paint could make all the difference. Please make sure that you only ever use outdoor paint that’s suitable for fences as other types of paint will quickly make your fence look dirty. Outdoor paint is a lot more robust than other types of paint and it’s less likely to wash away or become mouldy.

Think about the colour you would like your fence to be and make sure that colour complements your garden. A few coats of paint could breathe new life into your fence and the rest of your garden too.

Install Diagonal Paving

Install Diagonal Paving

Diagonal paving has the ability to make even the smallest garden look much bigger. Laying paving slabs in a diamond-like shape not only looks good but it can make that area of your garden seem a lot less cluttered.

Why not think about using coloured paving rather than the traditional grey paving that isn’t attractive? You can make your garden look much better and you could finish the edges off with some gravel that will complete it nicely. Want to go a little further? Cut your lawn edge so that it matches the edge of the paving, it really does add something special to your garden.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways for you to brighten up your garden without you having to spend too much money. Use some or all of the above ideas and make your garden look good!