Thank You Graduation Cards to Send all your Friends and Family

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Are you graduating this year? If yes, then do not you think it would be great to call all your friends and family members and pay your thanks to them? Well, we all know that without emotional support you would be able to graduate. We all need that support to focus on our work. 

So if you are getting graduated then it would be better to plan 2022 senior announcements. It will not only become an occasion to unite with your family or old friends, but you will also get to know what their plans are for you. It would be a great moment for your parents, grandparents, siblings, and teachers. 

Now think for a second, would it be possible for a fresh graduate to arrange a party? Well, it is difficult but not impossible. The thank you graduation cards are not only meant for the parties, but sometimes you can simply send them to make your elders feel special. In both cases the cards or invitation is compulsory. Many students and fresh graduates do not send such cards only because they do not know the right templates for these invitations. 

Worry not, this is the year 2022, we can easily get ideas from the internet. So if you are searching for some, then you have come to the right place. Here we will be discussing the best and trending thank you cards. 

How to create a graduation card? 

Before we start and tell you the templates, it would be great to know the procedure to make a graduation card for your friends and family members. 

Think of a theme 

For every invitation card there has to be anthem., luckily the purpose of the card cna be a theme, but when you go for designing you must consider the particular theme. It can be a simple and classic card, or you can give the invitation a vibrant look. It cna be any random theme. 

For example, if you are graduating as a doctor, then you cna go for a theme with medicines, or medicinal articles. Similarly, if you have become an archeologist, then you can have a theme with old historical places. You can try various unique things in this regard. 

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A font 

Fonts can have a great impact on an invitation. You should check the font according to the colors and theme selected for the card. If it is a classic card then an old font like the one in scriptures would look good. Moreover, if you are doing a degree in modern sciences and art, then a digital font will be better as it will give a feeling that you were studying modern subjects. 

The message 

The main purpose of these invitations is to ensure that you have sent your wishes to all your well wishers and supporters, throughout your journey of graduation. So without the thank you message these cards will be useless. 

We would advise you to think for almost a day or two, about the message you need to send. It can be an informal message too, because anyone supporting you would be a close friend to you and you can say whatever you feel like. It does not have to follow any format. 

Modern templates for a graduation invitation 

Use your images 

If you have attended your graduation ceremony, then you should think of using your graduation pictures. This idea would work, and have an impact on all if the receiver. You can add some effects to that picture, and make it even more exciting. At the bottom of such an image, you can add an exclamatory word beneath the picture.  

Try making a collage 

You can take several pictures of you at various ceremonies of your college. This way, it will help others to understand your journey and progress at the university/college. You can paste this collage on the front page of the card. 

Write “I am a Grad” 

A card with the main news at its front would be a great invitation. You can write this to ensure that your old grandparents understand the purpose of the card, or you can add a few symbols of graduation too to make things clear.