Why Your Door Needs a Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Smart homes’ lock-and-key systems have improved rapidly over the decades. Smart technology has delivered door lock keyless systems that have simplified entry procedures. If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s door, a smart lock is a great addition. With the advancement in technology, smart locks can now be synced with smartphones and other mobile devices to make life easier. With smart locks, you do have to fish around for keys as the smart technology allows you to control your doors on the click of a button. Consumer smart door locks can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, in which case your choice is dictated by personalized needs. A Wi-Fi lock makes use of the internet and mobile applications to access the lock. Wi-Fi locks offer more functionality but are vulnerable to malicious attacks like any other internet device. A blue tooth lock relies on authentication with the user hence offers more security but limited functionality. Adding a monitored alarm system into this will give an extra hit of protection for your home that you can connect to your phone.

In recent years, smart homes have become increasingly popular as they have helped people take charge of their homes in a better way and keep them secure, doubling down with home insurance perth policies, for example, to make sure their home is always protected. Thanks to advancements in technology, smart homes are more affordable and accessible than ever before. You can now automate everything in your home, including door locks, windows, blinds, and shutters. There are many firms that specialize in developing motors and components for this purpose. For example, If you are looking for similar services in Australia, you could consider opting for companies like A-OK Australia who might be able to help set up your smart home.

About Smart Door Locks

Once you have installed and paired your Bluetooth device, the smart lock can be unlocked and locked without a key. Based on the technology used in the smart locks, you can open your door by waving or switching your smartphone in front of the lock, tapping the lock to read your fingerprints, or talking to your lock. Some locks with advanced motion technology are programmed to automatically bolt behind you once you enter or leave a room.
About Smart Door Locks
However, upgrading your smart lock does not necessarily require you to replace your key. Locks with retrofit technology like August’s and Dana lock, are attached to the interior side of your door, you will be able to keep your existing deadbolt and use your old keys and save yourself installation time in the process.

Types of Smart Locks

The technology used in making smart locks differs among manufacturers. Some locks will require you to place a smart regulator over the existing deadbolt, while others will necessitate replacement of the entire lock system. The choice will be based on the cost and needs. The best products available in the market include;

  • Yale-Real Living: comprises a Wi-Fi system with a touchscreen keypad lock that offers a keyless option. The Yale-real Living smart lock is not fully compatible with smartphones on its own and requires integration with other home automation systems to control it through your smartphone.
  • August: Comprises of an aluminum circular lock that replaces your conventional deadbolt with a smart lock. It uses Bluetooth technology hence allowing you to share the virtual key with friends and family as well as control entry into your home.
  • Lockitron: Offers the best convenience when it comes to smart locks since you can install it over your deadbolt and control it on your smartphone. The lock opens by tapping the lock, remotely via a web app, and through text messaging options.

Why You Should Install Smart Door Locks

Why You Should Install Smart Door Locks

  • Stylish First Impression

Smart locks do not have to be clunky or oddly shaped as they can be masqueraded as regular locks. The ability to conceal this technology with conventional deadbolts gives you a smart home elegant vibe. In addition, since most of the smart locks available in the market are installed on existing deadbolts, your home will retain its classical lock since the exterior is not altered with additional door installations.

  • Increased Accessibility

The main idea behind smart locks is to add convenience to your life. Features such as remote access, voice controls, and scenes integrated with smartphone applications like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit can help you set scenes like goodnight to lock your doors in the evening. In addition, you can control access to your home by connecting locks remotely with Wi-Fi connections.

This will enable you to lock and unlock doors from any place provided you are connected to the internet. By purchasing a plug-in Wi-Fi bridge for your door locks, you will be able to increase connectivity among all your devices.

  • Simplifying Control on Protection

User-friendly innovations are new-life changing technologies. Smart locks offer a new direction to smart home security by controlling access to your home. Smart locks connected with smartphones allow you to share virtual keys with your family members, service workers, or visitors for a specified period, after which the key is disabled. For increased security, be sure to update your app and password just to be sure, no visitor will have access to your home after their departure.

Just the Beginning

Smart locks are the new digital evolution to smart home security. In convenience and security, they are appealing as they eliminate worries, including lost keys, forgetting to lock up, granting access, and, most importantly, controlling security in your home. As you can see from this policygenius review, smart locks do not affect your home insurance provided you install them together with mortice deadlocks. This way, your home is considered as secure as a standard key-operated lock.