5 Great Reasons to Rent a Boardroom for a Few Days

Boardroom rent

Your business model allows you to operate without a lot of traditional office space. Even so, there will be times when you want to gather employees near and far to a central location. Perhaps you also need space to gather a few customers together for a few days, at that point, you begin to consider the idea of renting a boardroom. Why Rent a Boardroom? Here are several reasons to consider.

The Location

The Location
With the help from AgileOffices virtual office rental company, it’s possible to find a location that will be convenient for everyone attending the event. A central location that can be reached with ease from different hotels is a great option. The fact that there are plenty of places to eat nearby also makes it easy for everyone to break for lunch and be back in plenty of time for the afternoon sessions.

Remember that the location also needs ample parking. It doesn’t hurt to select a boardroom that happens to be near public transport stops. Doing so provides your attendees more options for getting to and from the venue.

The Seating Capacity

So why rent a boardroom? You need one room with enough seating capacity for the total number of people coming to the meetings. Taking things one step further, the room must be large enough to ensure people don’t feel crammed into the space. The right type of boardroom ensures there’s a place for every person at the table and there’s room to move around if someone needs to stand up for a moment or two.

The Support Services

The Support Services
Renting a boardroom also means that you have access to a number of support services. One of those happens to be reception support. It’s easy enough to work through AgileOffices virtual office rental company to ensure that a building receptionist can field incoming calls, route them to the boardroom if needed, and take messages from the rest of the callers. This will come in handy if someone will be late or if someone needs directions to the building on the first day. You might even want to hire a live receptionist to make sure your customers receive outstanding customer service, whilst you focus on other aspects of the business.

You’ll also have janitorial and IT support as part of the package. Both of those will come in handy throughout the rental period. The janitorial team will ensure the space is cleaned every night and ready for the morning sessions. The IT team is on hand to help troubleshoot any issues that may develop if you want to make use of video conferencing or other types of audio-visual equipment.

The Equipment

The boardroom rental will come with all the communication equipment that you need. It’s easy enough to arrange for everything from a speakerphone for audio conferences to a big screen for use as a presentation or video conference tool. You might even be lucky enough to make use of things like document scanning software, so you won’t have to worry about printing loads of documents off. Instead people can get a scanned version of the document that is editable, which makes your life a lot easier. When you arrange the rental, you can identify what sort of equipment you need. Much of it will already be permanently in place in the room. If there is anything else you need, it can be secured in the days leading up to your rental period.

The Privacy

The Privacy
Will you be discussing proprietary information with your gathered employees? Perhaps your meetings with representatives of your new client will be providing data that makes it easier to provide superior support. With either application, you need a space where it’s easier to hold discussions in private.

Why rent a boardroom? Many boardrooms are constructed to ensure that what is discussed inside cannot be heard from the hall. As long as the door remains closed, it’s possible to talk freely and be assured that no unauthorized individual is outside taking notes.

There are more advantages that renting a boardroom will provide. In order to make the most of the rental, only deal with a company that has an established reputation for offering the best in temporary office and meeting spaces. You’ll find that the AgileOffices virtual office rental company is the right choice. Describe the type of gathering you are planning, the number of people who will be in attendance, and how long the event will last. In no time at all, the ideal boardroom will be found, secured, and ready for your use.

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