Selecting The Perfect Gate For Your Property

Perfect Gate

Before You Choose

Before you go out and buy a gate for your house, there are a few factors which need to be considered first. Primarily, this will begin with why you want the gate in the first place. Are you looking for something which is purely decorative, or for a specific purpose, such as security, or simply to stop the pets or kids running into the street? Do you want electric gates that will open at a push of a button? Or do you prefer the classic gate? To help you make the right choice, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

Is It Allowed?

For some homes this may not be a factor, but in many areas under the control of a housing association, there may be rules in place which govern certain requirements or restrictions on what sort of designs and styles are permissible. It is definitely worth checking your status with regard to this, as it can be an expensive problem if you only find out too late.

Assess Your Usable Space

Assess Your Usable Space
The traditional gate is the swinging variety, which of course requires a certain amount of space to be able to be opened. If it swings inwards, make sure there is sufficient space for it to be opened, even when there is a car on the driveway. If it looks tight, you may want to consider the sliding gate which requires much less room


The two most common materials are wood and steel and both have a range of benefits. Steel is a very durable material, which has great strength and is a good economical option, and one which is likely to offer you a wider range of designs and options. Wood on the other hand will probably cost more, but as there are many different types of wood, choosing something that is aesthetically right for the style, design and age of your property, may be easier. Maintenance is a factor to consider as a traditional wood gate or fence will need to be cared for more than other materials. You may want to have a look at the materials and designs available on sites like this to help you come to a decision – Once you see something that suits your tastes, you may even want to give them the go-ahead to put the gates in.

Manual or Electric

There are arguments for and against for both options, with cost being one of the key factors involved. Naturally, an electric gate is going to cost more than one opened manually, although some options exist from suppliers such as the UK Electric Gate Company which are definitely worthy of consideration. Aside from the convenience of being able to open the gate without having to physically go there when you have a visitor, having to jump out of the car in the pouring rain to open and then close the gates in itself can be a good reason to go powered. Plus the added security that can come with such an electronic gate! If it’s something that you can control through the smart gate app, then why not invest a little extra and use it for your home protection?


Gates can be solid which blocks out prying eyes and which provides a better feeling of security, while also reducing noise from the neighbouring street. Alternatively, of course, you can choose something which still deters intruders, but allows you to see through to who is outside and what is happening.


Your gate should be of a similar height to the surrounding wall or fencing, though you may have reasons to shorten or heighten it. A low gate may not be high enough to stop your dog from jumping over it, and if it is there for security reasons you may well want to choose something of greater height. Consideration of these issues and discussion with your local provider can make buying a good functional gate a much simpler task, which provides you the attributes you need at the right price.