A Guide to Maintaining Healthy Drains All Year Round

Healthy Drains

Ask any seasoned homeowner about their drains and they will readily confirm that a blocked sewer is a constant threat, and rather than simply waiting for the inevitable to happen, there are things that can be done to reduce the risk of a blocked drain. If you are interested in finding out more about drain unblocking you may want to visit – https://fsdrainage.com/.

Install Mesh Grills – If you fit fine wire mesh grills on the sink and shower plug holes, you will catch tiny foreign objects that might otherwise cause a blockage. Human hair and slivers of soap are a major cause of a blocked drain, as is cooking oil and food waste, and by preventing these from entering the drainage system, you are reducing the risk of a blockage. These can be purchased at any home improvement store, and there are likely online suppliers, which is even easier, and the units come with fitting instructions. If you have a blockage or a problem that goes beyond your own ability to solve, you may require help from the likes of an expert plumber in Werribee, or wherever you live. Some problems, you will be able to fix yourself but for severe blockages, burst pipes and more plumbing disasters, you will need to enlist the services of someone with expertise.

Annual Power Wash – Aside from offering blocked drains solutions, the drain cleaning specialist can power rinse your drainage system, and what’s more, they can send down a go-anywhere CCTV buggy, which gives the technician a close-up view of the inside of the drains. Once a year is all it takes to make blocked drains a thing of the past, and should your drains ever require repair, the inspection will reveal this before any damage is done.
Annual Power Wash
Create a Compost Corner in the Garden – You might be wondering how this could result in clear drains, yet by using all the food waste to feed the compost, it won’t be going down the drain, and food scraps are a major cause of a blocked drain. You could allocate a corner of the garden where you grow organic vegetables, and the compost will provide essential nourishment, and think of the money you’ll save by not having to buy vegetables. There is also an informative website with instructions on how to grow vegetables, which might prove useful, and with regular compost feeding, it won’t be long before you enjoy bumper crops.
Create a Compost Corner in the Garden
Know the Signs – A partial drain blockage is often accompanied by a gurgling sound, as the liquid waste has to detour a partial obstruction, so if you hear this at any time, it may be time to click here to signup with LBA Services (depending on where you reside), in the hopes of getting a plumber who can finally solve this issue. They’d be able to flush out the drains, while also inspecting the condition. If wastewater is draining away slower than normal, this is another tell-tale sign of a partial blockage, and a visit from the local drain cleaning company is recommended. An unpleasant odour could be caused by a toilet backing up, and should this happen, contact an emergency drain cleaning company as soon as possible.

Many homeowners mistakenly forget all about their drainage system, which is, after all, concealed, yet without the above, it is only a question of time before the blockage arrives, which could result in an expensive repair. Taking care of your drains dramatically reduces the risk of a blockage, and with an annual cleanout and an inspection, you will always know that your drains are clear and flowing.