Green Walls – A Cool Style Accent for Offices with a Personality

Green Walls

Every good business owner knows that having a good office environment is an important part of helping your employees work hard. If the office is small, dingy and dark then they will be less inclined to work hard. But a bright and open office could make all the difference. There are many different options that you can look to in designing your office space though, for example, some offices have started to make use of office pods to help people not get so distracted at work (you can check out My Office Pod for more information about this). But there’s another simple thing that you can do though if you are looking for a way to make your office look cool and fresh then keep on reading…

There are different ways to personalize your office space. Firstly, buying the right office furniture and supplies is important. You want to use a company with a variety of options, like Office Monster for example, so your furniture is different to that in the office next door. Secondly, you want a statement in your office – the best way to do this is by personalizing without really settling with the traditional designs. With the introduction of minimalism and other modern and sustainable trends, it is not going to be hard for you to look for a perfect way to personalize your office space. For people who care for the environment and who loves to be close to nature, an eco-office with green walls is recommended for them.

Living Walls: What are They?

A living wall or also called green wall is an innovation that allows you to have plants integrated vertically to your office’s internal or external wall. It has its own system in charge of its irrigation and drainage. This is also called a vertical garden because of the way the plants are positioned.

Moss Walls

Moss walls are also great options for people who want to upgrade their office ambiance. Unlike plants, moss is a bit easier to maintain. It does not really require a lot of care. As long as the interior of the building is humid, it will thrive. This is perfect not only for offices but also for homes.

Creating a Living Wall

Green wall in modern office building
It is not difficult to create a living wall. You can do this or you can also get the assistance of an eco-office expert if you want to. First, you need to make sure that the wall is firm and it can support the weight of the materials you will be using for the plants. After this, you can now put up and attach the planters to the batten. Arrange them in a staggering row. After that, you can now transfer the plants. Choose the small ones to make sure that the structure will be able to support them. And finally, design a water system that will be able to support the living wall for a certain period.

Where Do Living Walls Grow Best?

Living walls can be installed and can grow indoors and outdoors as long as the water system is perfect. If you want to make sure that your green wall will thrive, you can position it in a space where planters can be attached firmly and perfectly.

Best Plants for a Living Wall

Best Plants for a Living Wall
If you are installing a living wall, you can choose from perennials, vegetables, annuals and herbs. The most important thing that you should remember is to choose plants that are less than 50 cm. You should also consider getting shade-tolerant plants. This way, it will be able to live and survive even inside the office.

Living Wall Maintenance

Living Wall Maintenance
During the hot weather, you should water the plants every other day. You can lessen it during the other seasons. Aside from watering, you should also consider pruning especially if you have limited space. This will also help you make it look good.

Other ways to accentuate your Office Space

Aside from having a green wall, there are also other ways on how you can personalize and add cool style in your office. Here are some ways you can consider:

  • Add an Accent Wall- An accent wall is a particular wall in the whole room that has a different colour or design. This is perfect if you want to eliminate monotony. You might want to think about asking an experienced painting service, like Mt Hood Pro Painting for example, to help you paint your wall. This will make sure that your business looks professional, as there will be fewer mistakes from an experienced company.
  • Create Contrast with the Ceiling- One of the reasons why the room looks boring is monotony in colour. To make your office look more lively, you can choose to colour your walls with something that is in contrast with the colour of the ceiling.
  • Paint the Floor- Painting the floor will help you make the room look more radiant. The colour of the floor will also lighten up the ambiance in the whole room. The dullness will surely be eliminated.
  • Create Texture– Sometimes, it is also good to add something different to your wall. You can create texture by adding something that will make the wall look more interesting. There are different tools and ways that you can use for this. The great thing is, most of the materials that can be used to add texture on walls are available in the market.

Hang a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a traditional way to make the room look lively. It will also help you personalize your office. With the portraits that matter, your office space will surely speak about you and your personality.

Your office should be comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. To achieve this, consider the different tips enumerated above.