How to Pack Pillows and Blankets for Moving

How to Pack Pillows and Blankets for Moving

Bedroom items are easier to pack for a move compared to other items like fragile items and other objects with awkward shapes. Pillows and blankets can be used for other purposes when preparing for a move, such as glassware and electronic items that are fragile and challenging to pack. If you are hiring professional removalists for your move, they can easily handle preparing these items for the move. Professionals also know how to use bedroom items as cushions or padding for fragile items to maximise the spaces in your boxes/containers.

If you are opting for a DIY move, consider looking into other options on how you can use blankets and pillows more effectively when you start packing. Whether you’re moving for the first time or it’s your first time to perform a DIY move, consider using the guide below when packing and preparing pillows and bedclothes for the move.

Sort bedclothes and pillows

As you prepare to move to your new home, especially if you don’t have much storage space, you need to carefully check everything that you will be taking with you, including your pillows and bedding. Before packing all the pillows and bedclothes, you need to determine if packing and taking them with you will be worth it.

If any bedclothes or pillows are too worn out or torn in certain places consider recycling them or leaving them behind. If your budget allows it, it may be better to buy new pillows and blankets for your new home instead of going through the trouble of packing and taking old pillows and blankets with you.

Clean pillows and bedclothes

Out of the sorted pile, wash and dry the pillows and bed clothes that you have chosen to take with you during the move. Fold the blankets neatly to make them easy to stack. Make sure they are completely dry before packing or wrapping them. Moisture can cause moulds and other damage to your beddings and pillows, especially if you’re putting your items in storage.

Pack bedclothes and pillows

As mentioned above there are several ways on how you can pack your pillows. One of the easiest and most common ways to pack pillows is to stack them in large boxes or containers.

  • Prepare all packing materials beforehand. Ideally, keep them within arm’s reach to make it easier to grab whatever you need without having to go elsewhere to look for packing materials.
  • Line the bottom of the box or container with packing sheets.
  • Stack two pillows on top of each other and press down to let out the air and make the pillows as compact as possible. If there’s enough space, consider adding sheets, blankets, or smaller pillows to fill the gaps.
  • For additional protection from dirt, line the top with packing paper before sealing the box or container once it is full.
  • Close and seal the box or container using packing tapes or ropes. Add labels indicating the contents of the box and which room it belongs to.

Unpack the Pillows

It is highly recommended that you unpack boxes containing your pillows and blankets as soon as your belongings arrive in your new home. This prevents them from being deformed and developing an unpleasant smell.

Other packing options you can explore include placing pillows and bedclothes in empty dressers and sealing them in vacuum bags to maximise space. Bedclothes can be used as wrapping materials and padding to protect fragile items.