Where to Put Your TV in Your House


A few years ago, TVs were space hoggers that left limited space to walk around. But today’s models. They are made discreet black and as slim as an inch wide, opening up plenty of possibilities to creatively position them in our tiny spaces. You can hang your TV set behind the fireplace or conceal it behind built-in cupboards or wall units, and there are lots of fabulous options for what to watch on them, too. With all that in mind, there are plenty of opportunities to slot into the scheme and décor of your living room. Follow the following tips to find a TV haven in your living room.

TV technology is evolving rapidly; today, you can use your TV as a monitor for your PC, which means more computing power to your TV set. Talk about streaming services for endless watching opportunities; some are free, while some streaming services require a monthly or yearly subscription. All in all, while selecting the best channels to stream TV services, visit ReviewsBird for online reviews before agreeing to sign for a plan.

Back to our story, where is the best place to place your TV and make your TV set part of your home décor? Here are a few suggestions:

Built-in shelves

If you have shelves for your home library on one of the walls, find a discreet way to find a home for your TV right from the center top of your shelves. Painting the frames black helps blend in with your piece of technology no matter your screen size.


Give your TV a gallery effect.

Let your TV live amongst your art collection on the walls with your favorite oversized prints. Choose dark frames or mix it up for the neighboring artworks to give a coordinated look with your flat-screen TV.

Mount your TV against matching walls

Hang your flat-screen TV against a dark backdrop to blend in, especially when dealing with a super screen. The wall behind provides a backdrop and texture for a rustic contrast.

Let your TV stand away from the sun.

Watching your TV while basking in the sunlight does not go the same way; instead, stick your TV to the side of the window to avoid the sunlight hitting directly on your TV, making it difficult to watch. Keep in mind that flat screens TVs are difficult to watch from an angle apart from the 3D models that have recently hit the market that you can watch even from an adjacent point of view.

Tuck a small-screen TV in a corner

Tuck your TV on a small corner to contribute rather than dominate the space. It works with open plan homes with free rooms with multiple functions.

Hang it high

Wall mount your TV for narrow spaces to avoid trailing wires that can trip your heads over and to prevent objects from eating up your area. Add black and white photographs high along with the screen so that when the screen is off, it becomes a piece of art alongside the photos.


Hide it away

You don’t want the TV to become the center of focus in your living space, leave the TV concealed inside the cupboard with pockets that can easily hide the screen behind the scene.

There are many ways you can blend your TV into your living area without causing a clash of titans.