How To Speed Up Your Cleaning Routine With 6 Easy Tips

All Star Cleaning Service_How To Speed Up Your Cleaning Routine With 6 Easy Tips

How many times have you wished you could spend your weekend sipping your coffee while binge-watching a cliffhanger-packed TV show or indulging in your favorite outdoor pastime rather than cleaning your home? How many times have unannounced guests dropped by, only to find your home an absolute mess?

Cleaning isn’t always about perfection. Sometimes, you just want to be as fast as possible to make your home environment more enjoyable for you and your family. If you can’t hire a professional cleaning service like All Star Cleaning, you better learn a few tips and tricks to learn to do the job faster. Here are some of them!

Make Cleaning Fun

Turn up your favorite 80’s tunes and set the alarm clock. You’ll be much faster and have fun doing your cleaning, rather than just spending countless tedious hours crouched in the bathroom.

Forget deep cleaning for now. Just make sure you touch up all the key high-traffic areas of your home. You can also use a scented candle to set the mood and make your home more welcoming.

Put The Clutter Away


With the timer ticking, you have to move fast. Don’t worry about putting the T-shirts with the T-shirts and the socks with the socks for now. Just gather all the clutter and put it in a compartment or a box for now. Worry about sorting it all out later.

Put away mail, newspapers, magazines or any other clutter in boxes and move it to the bedroom or the garage. After your guests have left and you have more time, you can sort everything, which shouldn’t be too hard as you’ll be halfway done anyway.

Use Cleaning Wipes

Wipes are the quickest way to clean any surface – from toilet seats to kitchen counters. Simply use them to wipe a surface and throw them away. No need to store them like you would rags. Make it fast. Use them to wipe the areas where dust is most visible and skip the areas guests aren’t likely to spot. Make sure to use a disinfectant in your toilet first, as it needs some time to sit. Then use a wipe to clean it out. Mineral deposits on your taps may form when you have water with an abundance of minerals, such as calcium. Nevertheless, you can remove these deposits with distilled water as it is capable of absorbing minerals quickly. Afterwards, you can use a wipe to give the tap a shiny appearance. If you have such issues more often, you may want to consider adding this Golyath 5l distilled water to your cleaning supplies.

Make The Bed

Making the bed and throwing a few decorative pillows on it will instantly brighten up any room. This will help lift the mood and make it look like most of your work is done already. Have your family members make the beds in their rooms. To make it even more fun, organize a contest. The winner gets a prize!

Fill Up The Dishwasher


Put away any dishes that can fit inside a dishwasher. If you need to reorganize everything, you can do it later. For now, just clean up the sink so you can move on to the task of achieving the target of a clean kitchen.

Seeing a pile of dishes in the sink is so frustrating, which is why putting it away will take a huge load off your chest. Don’t run the dishwasher if you don’t have the time to unload everything right away. Just fill it up to the top and deal with it later.

Tidy Up Everything Else

There. Your home looks cleaner already. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Store away any appliances hanging out in the kitchen. Clean the counters, the sink and the stove. Sweep the floors and clean out any spills. Vacuum your home and you’re done. Congratulations, you’re done!