Keeping Moisture Out of Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes1

Storage boxes can be used to keep a wide range of things in the house or at the working place. 

They are plastic containers designed to keep items such as clothes, electronics, linens, and toys safe for a long duration. If you have valuables that can easily get spoilt when exposed to moisture, then these boxes might be the best solution for you.

Note that when closing the boxes, when some moisture gets in, then mildew will get a perfect environment to thrive. When this happens, you won’t have a solution but to remove the items and find them a different storage space before getting spoilt. 

This post contains a few important steps that you can take to ensure that mildew does not grow inside your storage boxes.

1. Only Store Clean Dry Items

Before keeping your items in the box, it is vital to ensure that they are clean and extremely dry. Many homeowners don’t realize that any dirt left on the item for too long might cause some scratches, thereby reducing the value of the items.

Storage Boxes2

If you keep upholstery and clothes when dirty, the chances are that they will attract moisture and mould; something that will make you hate your items. Woodwork and metals will rot or rust when exposed to moisture for too long. To prevent this from happening, you must clean and dry your valuables before storing them in the plastic boxes.

2. Pack Desiccators in the Containers

Products such as silica gel packers are best described as desiccators. This is because they are used to keep items that are highly sensitive to moisture. They help absorb moisture from the plastic storage box and keep it dry at all times.

In your plastic containers, you need to have some of these packets to remove moisture that might accidentally get into the boxes. It is imperative that you check their expiry dates before putting them in the boxes since expired one won’t do the magic.

3. Take Care of the Airflow

Airflow is one of the main factors that determine whether mould find the best environment to grow and thrive. Perfect airflow will keep the storage boxes are dry at all times, and there is no moisture that might spoil your valuables.

Storage Boxes3

It is not good to have the boxes pushed too close to the walls. They must not be placed right on top of concrete floors since those are porous materials that might let in moisture into the box.

4. Use a Climate-Controlled Unit

Though you don’t really need a climate-controlled unit, if you are someone who wants 100% dryness, then they might come in handy. The units will always ensure that your space is perfectly ventilated, so your items will be kept in the right shape for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Storage boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. However, they can all contain some moisture. If that happens, your valuables will get spoilt within a few days. Use the pointers shared above to keep the boxes dry and safe for the items you intend to keep in them.