Your Sure-Fire Guide to Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Door Maintenance2

Fire doors represent one of the most crucial safety features within any property. This is the main reason why they are often required in order to remain in accordance with current UK regulations. There are two primary purposes of these doors. The first is (obviously) to prevent the spread of smoke, fumes and fire within an enclosed location. The second is to provide a quick, visible and easy means of escape if a fire does indeed occur. This is why maintaining these doors is a concept which should never be taken lightly. What do the fire damage restoration service experts have to say? Let’s take a quick look at some relevant guidelines and recommendations in order to ensure that your safety is never taken for granted.

Fire Door Markings

All fire doors must be clearly labelled in order to provide all occupants with an understanding of where they are located. However, it is also important to note that modern regulations require that the amount of time the door is intended to last needs to be highlighted.

Fire Door Maintenance3

Signs of Wear and Tear

With time, there is bound to be damage to your fire door. A regular fire door inspection should be carried out often. This is particularly the case in terms of the leaf and similar components that comprise the door assembly (these contain moving parts). Also, The door hardware (handles and hinges) should be examined for any signs of damage that may otherwise cause the door to function improperly in the event of an emergency. If damage is found, these components should be replaced as soon as possible.

Glazing and Seals

The seals found around fire doors are critical in terms of preventing the spread of smoke and heat. So, it is obviously crucial to inspect these elements in order to detect for any signs of damage. The same holds true for any glass or glazing that might have become cracked. According to current BS 8214:2016 standards, any of these components should be entireely replaced with new materials that are up to code.

Damage to the Door and the Frame

Carefully inspect the condition of the door and the surrounding frame. Check for issues such a cracks, dents or any signs of rust. If these are detected, it is wise to speak with the team at Ecosafe. We are fully capable of carrying out a host of accredited fire door repairs.

Fire Door Maintenance1

How Often Should Inspections Take Place?

Professional inspections should occur every size months. This is the best way to detect small issues before they become major problems. Also, such a proactive approach can save money, as minor faults can be corrected without needing to replace the entire unit.

Regular fire door maintenance is one of the best and most effective ways to guarantee that the unit is functioning properly. Let’s also remember that failing to addressing even seemingly minor issues can lead to real safety problems in the future. Our team is always standing by if you have any other questions.