Your Windows Influence On Interior Design

Your Windows

Your home’s windows are not only an element that helps to create its curb appeal, but they are also one of the key features of your home, greatly affecting your interior design. Your windows, be it a fixed window or operating window, contribute to your home’s comfort and aesthetic appeal from their design and placement to their color and impact on the lighting.

But do you know there can be a a variety of differences between a fixed and an operating window? A fixed window (also known as a stationary window) does not open. Its primary purpose is to allow light into a structure, provide views of the outdoors, and highlight architectural elements. The window has a single pane of fixed glass, and the frame is framed with iron elements. Operable windows, on the other hand, are windows that can be opened and closed as needed. Double-hung windows and casement windows are popular examples. These windows have two glass panels that are connected in the middle and open outward.

That said, your home’s interior design and décor are significantly impacted by the size, placement, style, and functionality of your windows. It is important that you pair the lighting you found at one of the local lighting stores in San Francisco with natural lighting via windows across your home. Here are nine ways your windows can impact and add to your home’s interior design possibilities.

They Are The Perfect “Frame”

They Are The Perfect

Whether your new homes Lehi or in another place is surrounded by picturesque views of the mountains, the ocean, or the heart of the city, well-placed windows make the picture-perfect frame. Large picture windows can incorporate the scenery surrounding your home into its interior design. The right windows can turn any room into a relaxing space where you can enjoy the views in comfort.

Windows Bring In The Warmth of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting not only brings warmth to a room, but it also affects our mood. Bright naturally lit rooms make us happier, and bring vibrancy and a positive feeling to your home. If you’re buying or remodeling a home, watch how the sun moves and which rooms enjoy the most natural light throughout the day. A good home design will take this into account by placing large windows on the north side of the house, and smaller windows on south-facing walls to better incorporate natural lighting.

Windows Can Add The Illusion of Space

When combined with the proper window treatment, windows can create the illusion of space. Windows that let in large amounts of natural light gives the impression of enlarging the room. The key is to place curtains or draperies as high as possible. This can elongate the space and create a strong sense of openness.

Windows Can Create A Visual Focal Point

Creating a space using different window configurations, shapes, and sizes can have a huge impact on your interior design. Bold architectural designs turn windows into artwork that can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the room and your home.



Windows offer functionality on several different levels. They can have an enormous impact on furniture and artwork placement. The placement of large windows can complement some rooms. In other rooms, where more privacy is desired, clerestory windows and skylights can bring in natural light, and leave free up valuable wall space.

Energy Savings

Windows and skylights that open to let in the breeze can lower cooling costs. Conversely, double and triple pane glass can help to keep your home warm in winter and keep the air conditioning in during the hot summer months. The placement of your windows will also directly affect how much the windows will heat the room. You don’t need to worry about the window size being too big and losing heat since double and triple pane glass can eliminate this problem.

Windows Can Provide Privacy

It may sound counterintuitive, but the right windows in the right place can provide privacy without sacrificing natural light. While windows connect your room to the outside world, they can also allow strangers to see into your personal space. The size, placement, and use of windows treatments not only impact your interior design, but they can also add privacy. For example, bedrooms that face the street can be made more private by using smaller, higher placed windows. For rooms, you want to be bright and illuminated, but may still need privacy, roller shades, or draperies are a functional, stylish solution.

Furniture Choices, Room Color, And Mood

The amount of natural light in your room directly influenced both the colors in your room and your furniture choices. In rooms that feature small windows or limited natural light, go with brighter colors and furniture. Use black as a contrasting color to make the light pop. If you want to increase the amount of light in a room, strategically placed mirrors can reflect the light around the room and give it a larger feel.

Natural Light Can Enhance Your Mood

Natural Light Can Enhance Your Mood

Having an abundance of natural light flooding your home can directly influence your mood and health. Sunlight boosts your mind, body, and spirit by connecting you to the great outdoors. Big windows that offer panoramic views of the surrounding scenery can make your home a relaxing place of rejuvenation.

Your home’s windows are a major element of both your home’s curb appeal and interior design. If your considering replacement windows or are building your dream home, speak with your contractor or interior designer to learn your options. Maximize the positive effects that your windows can have on your home, your health, and your lifestyle!