How to Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Perfect Outdoor Living Space

If you are less than delighted with your current patio arrangement, and would like to make some changes, this article was written with you in mind. Here we offer you tips from the exterior design pros on how to make the very best of your outdoor living space.

  • Take Stock Of What You Currently Have – It is unlikely you will wish to scrap everything and start again, although that might be an option. Your project has to start somewhere and by taking a good look at your existing decking and other semi-permanent fixtures, you can make a list of what to keep. An acceptable face-lift can be achieved simply by replacing the furniture and adding some shading and a little extra lighting, and the design pro would create a to-scale floor plan and start from there. If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear, use a professional turfer like Green Valley Turf to add some life back into your grass. Similarly, if your decking leaves a lot to be desired, see if you could possibly extend the decking at the rear or to one side of the patio.

Take Stock Of What You Currently Have

  • Make Best Use Of Available Space – Clever design will allow you to take advantage of the available space, and if you want outdoor bar stools, place the bar where it is accessible, preferably backed up to a side wall, or even the rear of the property. Tables and chairs should have adequate space to move around, and if it possible to extend your decking, this might be the best option if you have limited space.
  • Adequate Shading – It is essential that you have adequate shading for your terrace area, either with some stylish umbrellas or a retractable roof, which is a permanent solution. Yes, it is a big investment to install a retractable roof, but this gives you a choice of enjoying the sun or having the right amount of shade. A top-quality retractable roof will last you for 20 years, and when you factor in how many times you would need to change your shading umbrellas in that time, the investment looks very attractive.

Adequate Shading

  • Choose Seating That Is Comfortable – Some people choose their outdoor seating based on aesthetics, which is never a good idea. Comfort is an absolute must when looking at garden seating, so make that your first priority, plus if you go to a large garden center, you can spend as long as you wish testing their seating. There are some great patio design tips you can find online that you might want to implement when designing your outdoor living space.
  • Lighting – Fortunately, LED solutions offer you so much potential with exterior lighting, and your choice of lighting could make or break the outcome. Motion sensor lighting is ideal for illuminating pathways. Installing new light fixtures might need you to hire licensed electricians to connect them to your home’s existing electrical wiring. You can simply do an internet search for “electrician near me” to find pro electricians in your vicinity. However, if you prefer solar power solutions, you might not have to wire up half your garden.

The best thing to do is create a floor plan, then crunch the numbers to come up with a budget, and with some careful purchases, your new outdoor living space will exceed even your high expectations.