Insect Proofing a Home From the Outside in


You know how small an insect can be, this can make it seem virtually impossible to prevent insects from getting into your home. However, while it can seem tempting to simply ignore the insects it is important to be aware of how negative an effect they can have on your health and why it’s so important to get pest control chandler as soon as possible to sort the issue out.

Insects such as flies and mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases that can be passed onto you through contact with your food preparation surfaces or even when they bite you. Other pests such as rats and mice can damage the calling in your walls; increasing the risk of a fire.

This is why you need to contact a Pest control and get some advice on insect proofing your home.

It’s a good idea to do it from the outside in as this will prevent any extra pests from getting into your home and may even starve the pests that are already in there. Here are some tips to help you start insect proofing your home:


The first step is to visually inspect your home. Any crack in your rendering, cladding, window ledges and even your door surround is a potential access point for many pests. You may be surprised at how small the gap is that insects can get through.

Fill any gap or replace rotten wood to ensure that the access points are closed.


The next step is to look at what is resting against the side of your home. A stack of dead wood for your fire is handy but also a magnate for a variety of insects; including termites. Move the pile at least 6 feet away from your home to reduce the risk.

You can always get your local exterminators to assess your property and find the weak points for you.

Keep It Clean

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You need to make sure all your surfaces are kept clean. Traces of food and water will make your home more attractive to any insect. By keeping the house clean and keeping all your open packets of food in sealed containers, you will make your home less attractive to pests. They need food and water in order to survive; without this, they will move elsewhere. If you live in a hot climate and have double glazed windows in Melbourne then it might be worth getting in touch with a company similar to Magic Seal that specializes in door and window screens, keeping pests out of your home.

Be Vigilant

If you do develop an insect pest problem there will be signs to show the problem is building. This could be discarded wings or simply spotting the bugs. As soon as you find there is an issue you need to take action and contact pest control experts. The quicker you deal with the insect invasion, the easier to will be to beat it.

Know You Need Help

If you’ve kept your house clean, sealed cracks and de-cluttered and are still struggling with an issue then it’s important to be brave enough to call the experts in. They can identify the issue and treat if effectively and quickly. If you’re struggling then the cost is largely irrelevant, you need to get rid of the issue for your own safety. This is particularly relevant when you’re dealing with bed bugs and other hard to beat pests. If you are under attack by any types of pest in your household, you’ll want to get in touch with services like this pest control in Des Moines that deal with many different type of pest problems.